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About Transfer Information

What classes do I need to transfer?
There are course equivalency guides available for many but not all possible transfer programs. You will need to determine what your major will be and what school you plan to attend. Contact that college/university for its requirements.
How do I know that they will accept the courses I take at TC?
The Texas Common Course Numbering system (TCCNS) has been designed to aid students in the transfer of general academic courses between colleges and universities throughout Texas. Check on the transferability of courses between individual colleges at Students should always consult with an advisor at their chosen transfer institution to determine the specific requirements of their major.
What if I do not know where I will transfer or what my major will be?
Advising may be helpful in this event. It is better to focus on the general course requirements for the A.A. degree until you have a better idea of your direction. The Advising Center has information which may help you decide.
How do I know if I will get into the program at the school to which I am planning to transfer?
It is recommended that you contact the Admissions Office at the transfer institution to determine requirements.
How can I transfer my Temple College credits to another school?
Download Transcript Requests form in pdf format. Complete this form and mail or drop off at Admissions and Records office in One College Centre.
How can I transfer another school credits to Temple College?
Write your school and request an official copy of your transcript be sent to:
Admissions and Records Office
Temple College
2600 South First Street
Temple, Texas 76504 (Fees may be required)
How do I know what credits TC will accept from my school?
When TC receives your transcript, the Admissions Department will evaluate it and show the courses and credit accepted.
Where can I get a catalog for the school to which I am planning to transfer?
Most colleges have their catalog on their Website.
Can I take less than 60 semester credits and still transfer?
Many schools will consider your application with less than 60 credits. There may be additional restrictions. To be sure, contact the transfer institution.
Do vocational technical credits transfer to other institutions?
Vocational technical courses in general do not transfer. However, transferability depends on the institution. Requirements vary. Contact the transfer institution to be sure.
Are there substitute classes I can take that Temple College will accept?
You would need to talk with an advisor in your major. The head of that division will make the final decision. A description of the course from the course schedule or catalog will be needed to determine if TC has an equivalent course.
How do I change quarter hours to semester hours?
1.5 quarter hours = 1 semester hour.
Is there a limit to the number of credits a four-year college will accept from TC?
Typically a four-year college will accept up to one half of a bachelor's program from a community college. There are exceptions to this. Contact the Admissions Office at the college where you plan to transfer.